Alex Stephens

What I'm Doing Now


Alex Stephens

PhD Student in Robotics
University of Oxford

This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. Last updated 2022-10-18.


Recently passed my PhD "transfer of status", which is Oxford-speak for "I'm finally worthy of actually calling myself a PhD DPhil student". Current research is focusing on long-term robotic monitoring using rich environment models, with a view towards applications in ecological monitoring.


Since I last updated this page, I've run my first marathon (Brighton) and completed my first Ironman 70.3 (Finland) - so that's pretty neat.

This weekend I ran the Oxford Half for my second time, coming in at 1:40:52 – around 10 minutes faster than when I ran it last year as my first ever half marathon in 1:50:48! Felt great for the first 10 miles until I was slowed down a bit by a stitch, but overall this was still an exciting improvement. Turns out consistent training actually works, who knew?

I've also signed myself up for the Brutal Half Extreme Triathlon in Snowdonia for September 2023. This will be my second middle distance triathlon, except that where the first one was chosen specifically because the bike and run courses were beginner-friendly, this one, uh, isn't. The bike course will be (per the name) brutally hilly, and the run ends with an ascent and descent of Snowdon, so it'll be a whole different beast. Daunting, but super exciting!


In a couple of weeks, I'll be moving out of my current share house and into a new place in the Cowley area of Oxford with my girlfriend, which I'm very excited about. Before then though, I've also got a short holiday in Rome to look forward to with her and a couple of high school friends. Besides that, term has resumed at the university, so there's plenty on to keep me entertained.